How Social Media Has Changed the Aspect Ratio

Social media is changing how we see video, literally. A fascinating study conducted by the folks at Buffer and Animoto found some really interesting results when it came to how people responded to video format via social media platforms. First, a little bit of context. Everyone knows that social media has taken off in recent […]


TR Group’s 25th Birthday Bonanza

Go to all 12 branches across New Zealand. Get all 125 staff on camera. Show 25 years of history. Highlight our company culture. And then present this video to us on our big 25th anniversary celebration.   If what you’ve read above seems like a tall ask, we’d agree – how do you incorporate all […]


Jeds Hot Chocolate GIF Campaign

Our pals at Socialites came to us with a new challenge – To create a series of seamless infinate looping GIFs for the new range of hot chocolate from Jeds. 7 GIFs. 1 day. Making GIFs was something we had no experience in as usually you just see them pop up in your messenger chats […]


Getting Your Video Multi-Platform Ready

Digital Masters recently had the pleasure of working with the people from Camair. Their brief was simple – they wanted an energetic and fun video, but was informative and showed the make-up airbrush in use. Their intended platform for the video was social media. There are only a few restrictions/specifications (especially when it comes to […]


Where Are Marketing Budgets Going?

How much time do you spend online everyday? Are you increasingly spending time watching videos, chatting to friends and reading the news on the Internet? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.   Surveys highlighting the ever increasing time we’re spending on the internet are everywhere, but here in New Zealand, a recent report […]


Who Owns Your Content?

A question that comes up very frequently from our clients is; who owns the content?   The answer is very simple: you do. Once we’ve got the content, cut it and have the final picture, it’s yours. But so too are all of the original raw files. It’s very common for companies to want to […]


The Cost of Video Distribution

Obviously, you want people to see your brand sparkling new video once it’s finished. We thought we’d shed some light into the costs of distributing video across different platforms. For many, the Internet is the most cost efficient platform to distribute your video. There are many different choices available, but we’re also going to take […]


Drones – The Future Is Now

Does everyone know about drones? The answer is probably yes, but if you’ve been living under a rock these last couple of years, check out our reel for the awesome images that come out of them: Aside from the amazing footage, what’s not so obvious about using drones as part of your video production, is […]


DM Destroys Boring Corporate Videos!

We’ve all seen them – sleep inducing corporate videos – talking heads, cutaways of people looking at computers, a guy nodding in agreement. They’re uninspiring, and a little bit sad. So when Lighting Plus approached us to make a creative, dynamic, energetic and compelling video for their recruitment drive, we were excited with the prospect. […]


SafeKids – TV Safety Campaign

Make Your Home a Safety Zone Our client SAFEKIDS wanted to produce 2 videos on the dangers of TVs falling on children. The budget was about the same as an agency Friday night drinks tab and the turnaround time needed was as fast as those drinks disappear. We had one week from the end of […]


Video for Start-ups

Everyone knows that video works wonders for helping a new business – but understanding how and why makes this format all the more powerful. A fresh and clear perspective is important for all new businesses, especially in the competitive world of social media where thousands of companies are all vying for eyeballs on their content […]


A Blast From The Past

Clearing out an old cupboard we came across the first camera we had owned – a wind up 16mm Bolex from the 70s, this dated from the time that video was a dirty word and everything needed to be shot on film. The wait for rushes from the national Film Unit was normally 24 hours, […]